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A: No. In addition to sign language, we can also use text, images, facial expressions, speech reading, body language and other ways to communicate with them.

A: To communicate with foreign hearing-impaired people, they learn the sign languages of different countries/cities.  In recent years, many hearing-impaired people have learned American Sign Language or International Sign Language.  In addition to sign language, they communicate with body language and text.

A: Because there is no uniform Hong Kong sign language, many words can be signed in more than one way.  This webpage shows only one way to sign a word, as its purpose is to get students and teachers of the school used to one way of signing to facilitate teaching .

A:No.  Hearing-impaired people choose to sign according to their own preferences and ability.  In general, the less hearing impaired they are, the more likely they choose to communicate orally as they are able to receive most auditory information and speak better; while those who are more seriously hearing-impaired choose to communicate with signs as their ability to speak is poor.